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Understanding Supply Chain Management & Acronyms & UpdatesEdit

Supply Chain Management can be defined as the measuring and tracking the flow of goods, services and information from the source all the way to the consumer. Logistics is the portion of the supply chain that deals directly with the transportation and warehousing of goods and materials.

To help understand this world better, weed through some of the clutter, confusion and streamlining of Supply Chain Acronyms we are updating the wikia. Click onto Wikia to access an updated "Welcome to Gettingstarted - Instruction Overview" providing updated instructions, links, pictures and guidance.

These updates are in response to feedback on areas around clarity, definition, linking, better flow, expectations of the wika, how to best collaborate and expanding concepts. The information is streamline, aligns nicely with respect to online learning in providing the individual an interactive and collaborative environment.

To ultimately drive the success of the wikia we are looking to develop a comprehensive acronym document. In order to do so we are seeking your valued inputs and comments (i.e. additional references, challenges, games or fun activities to add to the content). You can drive this material through post comments, forum or newly open blog. You'll find details on how to contribute in the Wikia "Welcome to Gettingstarted - Instruction Overview" .

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