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Welcome to the world of measuring and tracking the flow of goods, services and information from source to the consumer. Dealing directly with transportation and warehousing of goods and materials. Welcome to Supply Chain Logistics.

Trying to understand this complicated business world can be difficult. This site is designed to focus on the  Supply Chain business Acronyms, provide insight and seek your insight.  This site will allow you to experience first hand some of those acronyms while drawing a connection to acronyms and terms in a never-ending industry.

To better understand this wikia, short instructional information, with images, have been added below to help guide you through this site. I encourage you to read below prior to launching the wikia at Gettingstarted "Making Acronyms Easier" to become familiar with the site content and layout.


When entering Gettingstarted on wikia the snap shot of the opening page (below) appears and provides an introduction overview around Supply Chain Acronyms.

·      Don’t miss out on the videoWhat is with acronyms” (top of the page) for some fun!

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·        Photo - the word alone, says it all!

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Gettingstarted - June 12-13


There are three main tool bars across the top of this page (On the Wiki, Wiki Content & Community).  Click on “Wiki Content”, click the drop down box and select, “Recently Changed Pages” should appear, then select “Supply Chain Logistic Acronyms” (see below).This will take you to a list of common supply chain acronyms, expanded links and resources Please take a few minutes to review this material and resources.

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Here is your opportunity to “Post Comment” at the bottom of any page (i.e. Making Acronyms Easy, Supply Chain Logistic Acronyms). See example "Post Comment"  below.  Your feedback is important and provides valuable input for continuous improvement.

If you have any information to share, add or enhance to the wikia please feel free to edit and add to this area, click "Post Comment" or click on the "Start a Discussion" (both icons Post/Start a Discussion are found at the bottom of all pages). The "Start a Discussion" icon button which will take you to drop down box, select, "New on Getting Started Wiki", particularly if you are editing or adding content to the wiki.' Please select another' drop down selection in this forum area if you are not adding content to the site.

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